The ROK-y Road

It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World

When I was in Ghana, I met someone from Colorado. A random white guy was stuck in a taxi at a red light. We yelled at each other – hey, great to see another obruni (white person) blah, blah. “Hey, where you from?” the light turned and the taxi started rolling away, “Colorado” I shout. “Me to” but then he was gone.

The world is small sometimes.

There’s a really nice woman who lives in our…

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Technology and Internet in Korea

Technology and Internet in Korea

Chris helped write this post – I know some of you say you never hear from him.

Korean computer tech equal parts amazingly advanced and ridiculously outdated.

On one hand, Korea prides itself on having some of the best WiFi in the world. The internet here is the fastest in the world and has been for at least 3 years running, probably longer. It’s so fast that the next fastest country, Japan, is…

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Finals end today. So I have 14 days to entertain kids with non-book lessons. Already have a game of dodge-ball planned for 1st grade boys so I have essentially become this teacher. 

Summer Camp Planning

writing book

Both of us have a half-ish week this week. It’s finals. Which is crazy. I never remember having midterms or finals in middle school. Maybe a mid-sized test towards the end of the year but they were never that serious – especially not as serious as it is as here.

For the past 2 weeks our Korean coworkers have been shouting at kids to get out of the office!; they’ve been hiding tests under books…

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I Catchee a Cold

I Catchee a Cold

As my kids would say I “catch-ee” a cold. Which is a bummer.

I get to sit at my desk for 3 days without any student interaction. Which is awesome. I surely got it from them but I don’t want to spread it around to some kind of 800 person epidemic. But it’s safe to say from my sniffling that the whole office knows. You really aren’t supposed to blow your nose in public here. Especially not when…

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