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First Grade Comics


At the back of my classroom are three huge magnetic bulletin boards with “we are proud of ourselves” written above it.


With a declaration like that, I can’t possibly leave them unfilled. But for some of my kids, giving them something to fill out and/or color is torture. They’ll fill it out after some prompting but coloring it is asking too much. They act too cool for coloring – but if one…

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Another Five-Day Weekend Cometh

Another Five-Day Weekend Cometh

We’ve been getting pretty luck with 4 (or 5) day weekends. We’ve had 3 so far. But this one is the last one. Next year the holidays won’t match up like this, either.

We spent the first long weekend in Daejeon. We cancelled a hotel and a trip at the last minute so we wouldn’t have to take a 4 hour bus ride. Seriously, the coast is only 1 hour away by car. Why is it 4 hours by bus?  It didn’t sound…

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Chuseok (and a headboard)

Chuseok (and a headboard)

We just finished a 5-day weekend for the Chuseok holiday. Chuseok is most comparable to Thanksgiving – it’s a major travel holiday as everyone makes their way to their parents and grandparents. Lots and lots of food is prepared and families generally enjoy each others’ presence for a few days. But the comparisons stop there. Unlike Thanksgiving, Chuseok is the biggest and most important holiday…

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Hong Kong Part 3/3: Monkeys and Buddha

Hong Kong Part 3/3: Monkeys and Buddha


Part One: Travel is Glamorous Only in Retrospect

Part Two: The Peak, Temple and Skyline


Monday was my birthday. We couldn’t decide what to do. That was three days in a row that any plan we had was thrown out because it was going to be miserably busy. We finally decided to take the MTR (the subway- rather than the ferry) to the Dingleberry and try to find an H&M store as well as maybe…

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Part 2/3: The Peak, Temple, and Skyline

Part 2/3: The Peak, Temple, and Skyline

Day Two

The weather was sunny and beautiful when we woke up. We had heard of so many ruined views and sights because of fog and smog so we figured we should take advantage of the sunny weather. Victoria Peak has perhaps better views than the skyline so we decided to go there.

Us and pretty much everyone else.

We actually had to join a queue just to cross the street. From there it was lines and…

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Travel is only Glamerous in Retrospect

Travel is only Glamerous in Retrospect


This is my favorite quote about travel. Because it’s so true. Even if you have a really enjoyable trip, you will always look back on it more fondly – leaving out mishaps, hiccups and anything else that caused annoyances.

For the Hong Kong trip, we spent a lot of time wondering “are we having any fun yet?” while we were there. But now that we’re home (retrospect) we think: “yeah, that was pretty…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 6.19.06 PM

Coming from SW Colorado, we’re extremely landlocked.  So when we first heard “typhoon” we were, understandably confused. For one, we don’t use the word “typhoon” in America. And two, we have never experienced anything like it (no hurricanes).

A few weeks ago there was “Super Typhoon Neoguri” that was supposed to absolutely wreck Japan. Korea was supposed to get some flooding in the south (the…

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Oh how I scoffed

I thought my students wouldn’t be able to handle paracord bracelets but they did amazing. I only said the directions ONCE with the intention of going over it over and over again with the ppt. Holy crap. I’m sure friends were helping friends… but they’re prodigies  if they can tie a paracord bracelet the first time. “Easier than dream catchers” they said.