The ROK-y Road

Suddenly, Bikes!



This weekend was a whirlwind. We have (notice the present continuous tense) a huge list of things we wanted to take care of – get new glasses, contacts, haircuts, etc. So we were walking around trying to find places to do that. We tried some glasses on for a while but didn’t take action.

We walked around some more the next day in search of a salon for me. In Germany I never had a haircut…

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Staycation in Daejeon


The in-service training was far worse than we thought it would be. Most of the things we talked about were problems Chris and I had already resolved in the first few weeks. Cursory google searches have educated me far more than 3 days of lectures did.

We did learn a few things that could never be learned online – all bad, of course. They talked about the inner workings of our office of education…

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April Fools in Korea

April Fools in Korea

(written on April 1st, I don’t feel like changing the tenses) Yes, April Fool’s is celebrated here. It’s more of a day of “lies” than tricks or pranks. At least, that’s what they tell me – today, on the day of lies. So who knows?

But are they playing pranks on us? Yes. Yes they are. Harmless pranks, but they can make my situation a little harder.

As I write this there is a concerning tapping on…

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And the Lemons You Rode in On

And the Lemons You Rode in On

On Thursday I spent the whole day making kickass power points and writing lesson plans for the next week. I was done and was really looking forward to the next week. I had some fun stuff to do – April Fool’s day stuff with 3rd grade, “favorites” with 1st grade. Second grade…. eh – whatever. Second grade is crap and the book is crap and the best you can do is just get through the class. Seriously,…

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We put it on our wordpress, too, but here is what our apartment looks like so far. We don’t have any decorations up but we’ve finally bought enough furniture to make it feel a little more like home. 

We have a really nice apartment, two rooms - one is the bedroom and one serves as the living room. Then there is a large dining room space, a tiny but nice kitchen, and a good bathroom. The shower is half-separated and we’re trying a shower curtain to see if it can be completely separated. Either way, still way better than the faucet-showers. 

Our Apartment


We still aren’t completely moved in or settled. Like our last post said, we only really now have the apartment basics we need. But there have been cries to see our apartment so we snapped some pics. Later, if (when) we get more furniture and when we put more decor up we’ll post more pictures. For now, here’s home:

Amazing drawing of the apartment.

Amazing drawing of the apartment.

When you first walk in the door you see this.



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